Al-Van Humane Society

Contact your local veterinarian to get your pet spayed or neutered.

If you are on government aid, receiving food stamps, have a feral cat, or cannot afford to “fix” your pet, contact the Al-Van Humane Society at 269-637-5062.  We have no low cost dog spaying/neutering program available at this time.  Keep checking back with us for updated information. Or contact one of the below organizations who can help.

Kalamazoo Humane Society Operation Fix-It

The Kalamazoo Humane Society offers an innovative approach to controlling pet overpopulation by making spay/neuter services convenient and affordable to low-income families in and around Kalamazoo County through our Operation Fix-It program. Cats and dogs are checked-in in the morning and discharged in the afternoon or evening of the same day to recover at home. Each surgery is performed by a licensed veterinarian.

♣To Register A Cat or Dog:

•Call KHS at (269) 345-1181 to schedule an appointment.

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C-SNIP is a non-profit, charitable organization, providing high quality, high volume, low cost spay/neuter surgery for dogs and cats whose caretakers cannot pay the fee at a full service veterinary clinic.
It's a sad fact that there are more dogs and cats born every day than there are homes to accept them. Pet sterilization is THE solution to a problem that drains communities both emotionally and financially. Until every dog and cat born is assured of a safe and caring home, this essential surgery must be available to everyone. C-SNIP is making that happen by providing pet owners with a spay/neuter clinic whose prices they can afford.

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